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Tibetan amulets Lost on earth? Door on a yard Contrasts on water The old man and the shoe Pepper from the market Jesus Christ is here! Light on a lake Strange corn attic The end! The elder Superposition Rebuilding Head shaving The Main Street Rear pool Decorated gate Corns Frame with bell Curved in the fields The coalman Painting on the wall Jesus Christ Blocks of coal Woman with a basket (2) Buddha The rake Pregnant woman The pipe Mao cap Woman with cigarette (3) Pepper Little Jesus? Dominos (2) Dominos White radishes? Hair dresser in the street Window Child soldier behind an apples heap Door (2) The beggar Rest at the market Side glance Mao cap All is good in a pig The carcass Crossing the street Another brick in the wall Playing cards in China Next stop: the slaughter-house With friends The Main Street The eye and the cat Ventilation in red Clandestino Bar Recycling



fire habits pinting fujian countryside nourriture shadow chinese harbor work nap money child theatre bird fresco bargain cars cat beijing place hutong rice stree languages tourism animals station wood fabrics
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