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On the road to The Hakka Tulou Square tulou Tulou in the herbs Quanzhou old town Xiamen fried fritters Easy girl in a shop QinJin Mosque Church Old colonial house Ruines Sight from above a tulou Panorama in a tulou Tulou in a dozen Street food Tulou panorama Tulou by night New mosque at Quanzhou Skeleton buddha Panorama in a tulou Xiamen harbor Kaiyuan Temple King of Tulous Boarding Tulou panorama Panorama on Xiamen bay Xiangqi Tulou panorama Round Tulou Life in a tulou Panorama of a tulou Wedding's pictures on Gulangyu Chinese poker in the street Old in a tulou Fujian Kitchen To the stock Xiamen Water front View on tulous Commercial street in Xiamen Panorama of a tulou Tulou from the road Buddhas of eternity Pagoda in the Kaiyuan temple Lantern in a tulou Fashionista The vilionist Tulou Girl in a temple Gulangyu from inside Bed room in a tulou Mosque in the night Quanzhou old town Sunset among the Hakkas Fashionista 2 On the top of a tulou Tulou on the river