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Night market, Qiqihar (Heilongjiang) Night market, Qiqihar (Heilongjiang) Exercice the body, Qiqihar (Heilongjiang) Night market, Qiqihar (Heilongjiang) Some chicken Sir?, Xining (Qinghai) Fruits market, Xining (Qinghai) Chinese Far West, Xining (Qinghai) Cards, Yangshuo (Guangxi) Nap time, Yangshuo (Guangxi) The twin brothers, Yangshuo (Guangxi) Cattle merchants, Kashgar (Xinjiang) Cattle market, Kashgar (Xinjiang) Small street in Qingdao, Qingdao (Shandong) Qingdao Alley, Qingdao (Shandong) Old street scenes on the wall, Qingdao (Shandong) Commercial street in Xiamen, Xiamen (Fujian) Easy girl in a shop, Yongding (Fujian) Fujian Kitchen, Yongding (Fujian) Chinese poker in the street, Quanzhou (Fujian) Xiangqi, Quanzhou (Fujian) The sales woman, Shanghai (Shanghai) Another cup?, Shanghai (Shanghai) The Kite runners, Beijing (Beijing) Boat People, Hong Kong (Hong Kong) The inside market, Hong Kong (Hong Kong) The fishmann on his boat, Baiyangdian (Hebei) Boat on water, Baiyangdian (Hebei) The fisherman, Baiyangdian (Hebei) Mao in the book, Baiyangdian (Hebei) The moving fruit merchant, Ningbo (Zhejiang) Tianyi Square, Ningbo (Zhejiang) The silent musician and The woman and the child, Ningbo (Zhejiang) Rest in the street, Shanghai (Shanghai) Some clothes hanged over my head, Shanghai (Shanghai) On the frozen river, Harbin (Heilongjiang) Hui Cuisine (3), Jianshui (Yunnan) Children's games, Jianshui (Yunnan) Hui Kitchen (2), Jianshui (Yunnan) Night market, Jianshui (Yunnan) Caterpillars meal, Jianshui (Yunnan) Buddhist writting, Menghai (Yunnan) Washing clothes, Menghai (Yunnan) Boredom, Menghai (Yunnan) Rooster in a cage, Menghai (Yunnan) Majong game, Lijiang (Yunnan) Cow boys in motion, Lijiang (Yunnan) Aperitivo, Lijiang (Yunnan) The shaft, Lijiang (Yunnan) The older, Zhao Xing (Guizhou)



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