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Church, Xiamen (Fujian) Mosque in the night, Quanzhou (Fujian) Kaiyuan Temple, Quanzhou (Fujian) Quanzhou old town, Quanzhou (Fujian) Pagoda in the Kaiyuan temple, Quanzhou (Fujian) Skeleton buddha, Quanzhou (Fujian) Buddhas of eternity, Quanzhou (Fujian) Girl in a temple, Quanzhou (Fujian) QinJin Mosque, Quanzhou (Fujian) New mosque at Quanzhou, Quanzhou (Fujian) El Amin Mosque, Turpan (Xinjiang) El Amin Mosque, Turpan (Xinjiang) Prehistorical fresco, Tianshui (Gansu) Ashtray?, Tianshui (Gansu) Fuxi Temple, Tianshui (Gansu) Night is coming, Tianshui (Gansu) The entrance, Tianshui (Gansu) Ying and Yang, Tianshui (Gansu) Incense sticks, Tianshui (Gansu) Ths stairs, Tianshui (Gansu) The entrance, Tianshui (Gansu) The entrance, Lanzhou (Gansu) Tibet in Lanzhou, Lanzhou (Gansu) Candles in the sun, Lanzhou (Gansu) Buddha (2), Tianshui (Gansu) Buddha, Tianshui (Gansu) Giant Buddha, Tianshui (Gansu) Where is Charlie?, Tianshui (Gansu) Hangged labyrinth, Tianshui (Gansu) A bridge on the mountain, Tianshui (Gansu) MaShiShan, Tianshui (Gansu) Muslims, Guangzhou (Guangdong) Laos? No, Xishuanbanna, Jinhong (Yunnan) Faith in the city, Ningbo (Zhejiang) Our Lady of Asomption, Ningbo (Zhejiang) Chinese muslim, Jianshui (Yunnan) Hui cooking, Jianshui (Yunnan) Buddhist writting, Menghai (Yunnan) Mirrors game, Menghai (Yunnan) Monks on their motorbike, Menghai (Yunnan) Prayer wheels, Lijiang (Yunnan) Paintings on the roc, Huan Shan (Anhui) Gold and Red, Beijing (Beijing) Prayers mills, Zhongdian (Yunnan) Veils and religion, Zhongdian (Yunnan) Tapestry, Zhongdian (Yunnan) The life's wheel, Zhongdian (Yunnan) Too much?, Zhongdian (Yunnan) Giant prayer wheel, Zhongdian (Yunnan)



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