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Little Jesus? Tibetan circle of life Temple and flowers 4 old women on a bank Jesus Christ Majong game The life's wheel Another brick in the wall Head shaving Pregnant woman The ice cream Yunnan fabrics in water reflection Woman with cigarette (3) Portrait in B&W Contrasts (4) Cheers Child's face Killing the pig Praying in the temple Sexy game Doctor Ho Reconversion Mao cap Buddhist writting Child soldier behind an apples heap Boredom The blanket maker Hair dresser in the street Monks on their motorbike The teacher Old man with a cap The beggar Hui cooking Rooster in a cage The old woman In the jungle Car sharing Dai Headscarf Mao cap First one Knitting Mirrors game Rest at the market Salvadore Dali? Dominos Life after war Woman with a cigarette Three old women Ni Hao ! The old guy Children's games The painter Innocence Woman with a basket The pipe Games in the kitchen



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