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Tibetan circle of life The life's wheel Praying in the temple Tibetan architecture Wooden roof Car sharing Games in the kitchen Kitchen Songzanlin Monastery (3) Mix kinds Prayers mills Window on a courtyard Dialogue Door Too much? Giant prayer wheel Push the mill Giant prayer wheel Tapestry Songzalin Monastery Veils and religion Tibetan kitchen At the hedge of Tibet (2) Rooster Tibetan scarf Monk from above Blow the wind From Stone and Gold Tibetan amulets Prayers Blue White Red Temple is red Kitchen (2) Ruins Flags Tibetan lamasery At the hedge of Tibet Young Monk Monastic greyness Room of the prayer wheels House in the neighbourhood of Songzanlin Tibetan Monastery Veranda in a monastery Back view Success in the future Songzanlin Monastery (2) Roofs everywhere Songzanlin Monastery (3) Door on a roof