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Favorite camera: Nikon D80

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Photographe amateur et amoureux de l'Asie

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Youth delicacies,  (Shaanxi) Hui portrait,  (Shaanxi) Funny flowers,  (Shaanxi) Hui man,  (Shaanxi) Zhangye in the sunrise,  (Gansu) Hui woman,  (Shaanxi) Zhangye in the sunrise,  (Gansu) Young Hui woman,  (Shaanxi) Sight,  (Shaanxi) Smoking skewers,  (Shaanxi) Portrait of a Hui woman,  (Shaanxi) Hot water,  (Shaanxi) Dancers,  (Shaanxi) Skewer stall,  (Shaanxi) The smile,  (Shaanxi) Three old people,  (Shaanxi) Crate at sunset,  (Shaanxi) Bottom outside,  (Shaanxi) Sight on the world,  (Shaanxi) Mounts of Zhangye,  (Gansu) Mustache Hui man,  (Shaanxi) Hui family at the stove,  (Shaanxi)

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